I really enjoyed creating my visual literacy narrative.  First, I wrote a song about how my dad's song book inspired me and has made me who I am today.  Then I wrote parts for my band and we recorded the song.  I then went through and found pictures of me when I was little doing various musical tasks and placed them in an orderly fashioned sideshow.  I put the music and pictures together and TA DA! I had created my vary own music video.
Overall, my first draft of this project was clean and understandable.  There were a few problems, however, that I needed to fix.  I made it more clear to my audience that the binder in the video was my dad's.  I also improved the credits.  Lastly, I added to my conclusion so that it would explain why my dad's binder has made me who I am today.

The rough draft paper explaining my project and the professor's comments can be found here.
The final draft of my paper can be found here.

The final project was put in DVD form with a menu screen and everything, however, in order to upload it to YouTube, I had to take that down.  The menu screen of my DVD is located at the top of this screen just above where it says Visual Literacy Narrative.  The copy that I uploaded to YouTube is below.  Enjoy!

link to video