I have included four blog entries in this portfolio that show my growing ability to write in blog form.  The first two are from the first half of the semester and the last two are from the second half.  I never blogged before I was in this class, but now I am learning how to write them as well as make them interesting.  The first two blogs I chose are titled "Theory of Fairness" and "Theories on the Meaning of Success". Click on the titles of the blogs to view them.  The last two blogs I chose are "Theory of What Makes a Good Movie" and "The 'Prada Wearing' Devil Theory"
Click on the titles of the blogs to view them.

"Theory of Fairness"
I wrote this blog on fair use which is a list of rules explaining what you can borrow without plagiarizing.  I chose this blog because I put passion into that paragraph.  I wasn't just writing down words to fill space, I had a strong opinion on what I was writing about.  I did well in showing what I thought on the subject and I also included a comic that went along with the blog to make it more appealing to my audience.

"Theories on the Meaning of Success"
Writing this blog was very helpful because it gave me ideas on how to include a personal testimony in my definition paper.  I chose this blog because it is my most recent blog and it shows how I have progressed so far this year just by blogging.  It is also my longest blog because once I got started writing ideas just kept coming to me and I could have gone on longer if I did not stop myself.  This blog shows how I have improved as well as how I have learned to write a personal testimony and relate it to the rest of the world by linking my testimony from something on the web.

"Theory of What Makes a Good Movie"
One of the projects for this class was a movie review and analysis which you can read by clicking here.  This blog explains why I chose Angela's Ashes to review and analyze. I chose to show you this blog because it shows my ability to use links and other features.  I linked to a reviewer's website and a video explaining why the book "Angela's Ashes" was written.  I also linked to a site that sells the book.  I included the trailer of the movie at the bottom of my review.  I really liked this blog when I got done with it because there was a lot of information even though there were only two paragraphs.  The load of information does not take over the entire page, but when the links are clicked, the information is never ending.

"The 'Prada Wearing' Devil Theory"
This blog was the last blog that was required for the class, although is is one more farewell blog you can check out as well.  We watched a bit of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" in class and then we were asked to write a short review on the movie in our blog.  I had seen the entire movie before so I reviewed to while thing.  I included this blog on the website because it once again shows that I know how to include images and links.  I designed the whole blog to look like an actual review.  The pictures were woven between the words and I rated the movie at the bottom.  I enjoyed writing this short review.