I loved writing this essay!  After I turned it in, I knew it was good and I could not wait to get my grade back.  For this essay, everyone was to find an article or commercial to review.  We were to analyze the ad and determine whether is would be a good ad to put on television or in a magazine.  I chose to review a commercial.  I picked a Pepsi commercial.  You can click here to see it or scroll to the bottom of the page to watch it.
   We were supposed to write our paper as if we were writing to a magazine or television network.  I chose to write mine to ABC and I thought I would put a formal letter on the first page of the essay explaining what I was doing and then asking them to review the following essay.  I discussed how Pepsi had put together a very good commercial and did all the things needed to catch the audiences attention.  I then turned the tables a bit and discussed how there is no reason to show the commercial, because even though the commercial is well done, Coke drinkers are coke drinkers and they always will be; no commercial is going to change that.  Normally I would agree with you that essays are boring and normally I would understand if you didn't want to read this one, but I really think you should.  It was my favorite essay this year and I believe it is easy to read as well as entertaining.  So give it a shot. 
Click here to read my rough draft with the professor's comments and here to see my final draft of the meaning essay.