Hello! I'm Kassi Musick and I am a sophomore at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.  I went to Manchester College last year which is an excellent school and has a great pre-med program, but it is quite expensive and pretty small.  I transferred to BSU this year because I switched my major and felt Ball State would be better I am majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish and possibly music.  This is my very first website EVER! Yes I know, I've got lots of room to improve, but hey, I tried.  I made this website for my English class which is explained more in the paragraph below.  This website contains almost all of my assignments for my English class.  The only things missing are some in class writings and blogs which you can still access through links. This website contains all four major papers I have written for the class including my visual literacy narrative, definition essay, meaning essay, and a movie review/analysis. If you don't get anything else from this website, I hope you learn that there are many other ways to write then just putting words on a piece of paper.  You can write songs, make movies, use images, and color; just have fun. 
   I really enjoyed two of the projects we did in class.  My favorite project from the first half of the semester was my visual literacy narrative. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you can watch a video that I made for the class and you can listen to my band "Pleading For Sanity" play in the background. My favorite project from the second semester was the meaning essay.  I wrote a letter to a television network explaining why they should not air a certain Pepsi commercial.  Even if the paper bores you, you should at least find the images and comic entertaining.  I also have a link to my blog that I take pride in, as well as an essay that explains my definition of success (I even mention Borat in it!).  So have a look around; you may just find something you like.