This was the last paper of the year.  We got to pick any movie we wanted and then review it.  There were two parts to this paper.  For the first part, we wrote a review and designed it how we would if we were putting it in a magazine.  I chose to review the movie "Angela's Ashes" and I wrote as if I were writing for TIME Magazine.  The second part of the paper was an analysis of other reviews of the movie we chose.  In the review, I compared the movie to the book and discussed good and bad parts in the movie.  I enjoyed the book much more, but I can see why it would be hard to recreate on the screen.  Although I thoguht the book was better, I did appreciate the attempt by the director Alan Parker.  I chose to analyze reviews written by Richard Corliss, Kenneth Turan, and Roger Ebert.  In the analysis I compare and contrasted the three reviewers perspectives.  At the end, I explained why I liked Roger Ebert's the best.  I have always loved Roger Ebert's reviews so the choice may have been a little biased.  All three were well written though.
To see my rough draft of the analysis click here.  Click here to see the final draft.
Click here to see my rough draft of the review or scroll down to see how my final copy looks like a real magazine review.