We had in class writings every once in a while that were normally over the reading from the night before.  I have included my favorite four writings for you to see.
Since I entered the class almost three weeks late, I had only done two in class writings in the first half of the semester. So the first two writings I chose were chosen because they were the only two I had.  They are titled Reading 10/02/08 and Reading 10/07/08.  The last two writings are titled Halloween and Review on Spam Essay.  To view the readings, click on the dates above.  Explanations of why I chose these writings for you to read are below.

****Reading 10/02/08 is my interpretation of Orwell's definitions of man and animals in Animal Farm.  It is a short writing because I only answered the questions and did not think to elaborate much on my answers.  I have learned through this assignment that I should do more than just answer the questions.  In the future, I will fill in more details for my in class writings.

****Reading 10/07/08 includes the thesis of our reading for class that day as well as how it was supported.  I included some examples the author used to help support his thesis.  This taught me how to use examples to support my thesis for my future papers just like the author of the reading did.

****Halloween describes what Halloween means to me.  In the writing, I explained what Halloween used to mean and then tied it to how I view Halloween now.  I used detail, but not too much, to provide a quick description of the two different views I have had.  I also tied another culture into my writing.  We were supposed to explain what it meant to us, but I wanted to include what it meant to others because it is much more important to some than others.  Some consider it "el dia de la muerta" (the day of the dead) where they honor their dead, while others simply collect candy.  I thought it was very important to include, of course, it made me look stupid careless because I am one that just collects candy.

****Review on Spam Essay does not require much of an explanation.  The title describes it quite well.  We were asked to review an article written by Judy Chu.  Click here to read it.  I explained how Judy feels about the American Culture and how spam has to do with her immersion into the culture.  Spam is a tradition for her and her family and friends and she spends the entire article relating spam to American Culture.